Friday, April 16, 2010

Not an Outfit post

In the midst of my extreme hectic schedule, yesterday i managed to keep aside some few hours of my day to have a day out with my friends. We went for a lunch to our all time favourite place- Dilli Haat and as well went for a light shopping in South Extension Market. It was 42` C yesterday and you prolly can imagine how soaked up we were by the end of the day after a few rounds of strolling in South Ext Part I and II. We bought some few shoes and sandals which are completely relevant for this hot summer we've started experiecing in India.

As it was a well high temperature-d day, it was not possible to wear anything fancy (like i wear fancy clothes :D) The only choice we had was to wear something comfortable and light. We did so! You can figure that from the pictures. But since i don't have time for any outfit post, i'm just filling in the gaps with this ordinary post to keep it updated.

You'll get to see the REAL stuffs coming up by the end of this month. I'm already so excited thinking about what i'm gonna do. It'll be full of DIY's and my "stitching skills" will also be show cased :p

This is one of my yesterday's purchases and i'm posting it here to leave a hint of what i actually am planning to work on this coming summer break. There will be lots of chains, sequins, fancy stones, studs and many more.

Here is another hint :D

Wait for it, its almost happening for real and do visit this blog regularly to catch up with the better side of me ^__^ Till then, much love.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Wish List

As i've mentioned earlier, my exam's coming up and i just have some few days left in my hand.I don't have time to spare for taking blog pictures and spending time on the internet looking for something new. Today, i'm leaving you with few of my latest obsessions and the things which i 'MAY' die for :p You can make out how bad i am taken over by Nudes & Neutrals at the moment. Hope you all like them too. Thanks lovelies.

Oh Good God, How i wish to feel those cute bracelets with my own naked hands :D