Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy made

1.Grey tonned soft metal studded skirt 2.Tulle metal cocktail mini dress 3.Laced chained cropped cardi

Friday, January 8, 2010

My DIY denim jacket

I got this denim jacket from Tomboy and thought of making some changes instead of wearing the average common denim jacket.I wanted to modify it in such a way which can bring me closer to the present fashion but in a very simple way.So i chose to embed these few metal studs which can be easily removed when it runs out of fashion.
NOTE:The metal studs which i used in this jacket is the same as that of the one i used in my black purse.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My very own hand-made black purse

I alone, yes ALONE, made this clutch as my needs for a small handy black purse came together with the idea of wanting to experiment something on my own. I got the black leather cloth from some unknown store in Aizawl, cut them into pieces-according to how i want the shape to be, stiched the pieces together by myself in the most convenient-simple way and embed those metal studs with just a needle and thread. I luckily managed to find these studs from Lajpat Nagar central market, Delhi. I prefer to use metal studs for the decoration as its highly "IN" the fashion at the moment. Even though the final touch is not that smooth as i expected, i hope it surely will serve me well to my needs.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Letting go

Do you hold the past in the palm of your hand so that you will never let it go?
Or do you hold it in your heart only for you to know?
If i open my heart again will it all come streaming back in?
Should i just go on and never look back into the black?
Do you remember me everyday of the week?
Or have you moved on and never get a single chance to think back?
Time clicks as i await and years roll by like a strong wave
The hour ends before my take
Sitting,thinking,waiting my mind escapes
The day grows old as night passes
The sun moves to its peak without a whisper on retreat
Time moving, but still empty
Stomach aching,curling, so hard yet so light
I stormed out of the weak feeling and let you finally go