Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floral effect : Dinner outfit

Floral dress-Chemistry
Gray cardigan-Self stitched
Chained purse-Rimor
Red pumps-Carlton London


  1. This is you? :-)

    Have come across your blog before. I like it. Ziak zel rawh. :-)

  2. Hi!! You an aspiring designer? The cardigan looks good. And I love the red pumps!!!

    The problem with stores in Aizawl is that the clothes are sooo expensive. So what I do is, I try on the clothes, take a pic, and get them copied and stitched by a tailor at a fraction of the cost :)
    Will watch out for more of your fashions here. Do you do summer dresses?

  3. I'm just a fashion junkie with great enthusiasm in creating my own clothings and accessories even though what i'm studying right now is no-where related to any of those :)

    Thank you for your sweet comments and do watch out for more interesting posts :)