Friday, March 19, 2010

Kinang's birthday party: Whose outfit do you like the most?

I'm really sorry for not providing the best quality pictures :p As the post heading stated,it was a party and no one was in a stable condition to click a clear good picture which was topped by the extreme amount of smokes in and around the place.Also, we all were so excited to meet each other and i completely forgot about asking my friends, including myself to pose one by one so to give a better view of the outfits-assure you,i'll do it next time.Look through it and see which outfit you like the most.Next time,better pictures and better quality for sure.Thanks.

p.s- As it was Kinang's birthday, i uploaded the most number of pictures in which she's included if you notice. Peace.

Black basic dress- Chemistry
Sequined Vest- ChemistryKinang and moi (sangisongs)

Naomi, Kinang

Sarah, Bee, Miranda, Mimi

Naomi, Kinang

Bee, Sarah, Kinang

Ayala and me(sangisongs)

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