Friday, May 7, 2010

Almost there

I've been wanting to make this post since the day after i bought these items which is like five six days back while i was still in Delhi :D But as i was i to go home, i had so many things to do for which i wasn't able to fulfill that. As i've mentioned over and over again about the projects which i'm planning, i've started off on a small note buying few beads and stones. I'm showing them to give a clue of what i'll be doing and to see that the project which i was talking about's not gonna be put into a waste.

Also, i bought these two similar rings as i felt that they kinda look similar to those YSL's :p Love it or hate it, i really like the pair. In contrast to my likeness, i still haven't wore any outside. I tried to put on the orange one yesterday to a wedding reception but it didn't quite go well with my outfit so i chucked them again. Hope i'll make full use of them in the time to come :)


  1. Nice ring... and bloglovin

  2. love the rings

    and i have the exact same bracelet

    where is it form?

  3. thanks for the comment.

    i got the bracelet from paharganj market, delhi, india :) what about you?