Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dramatic Ruffles

I don't deny the fact that these pictures are really really not good in any manner but i don't have any option for a superior one. Until and unless i make it big to the fashion industry which is highly doubtful as i'm a history student, you may have to bear with this kind of quality. Big thanks to Picasa photoshop and Do Not ask me who my photographer used to be! :D
In this post, i thought of showing my dramatic side with this short ruffled shirt which actually is not happening at all. You may not know that i do not have such kind of a fun-clowny personality which makes it hard for me to display such a character which is added by my bad acting skill :p
The pictures in which i tried hard to look dramatic are satisfactorily distressing which makes them hopelessly unsuitable to be posted here. Better luck next time :)

Skirt- Miss Selfridge
T shirt- Springfield Casual
Ring- Aldo
Watch- Omega Swiss


  1. Thank you so much!
    The skirt is so cute!


  2. lovely skirt! cute dramatic combination